The 050 Series

The 050 Series Snares consist of Brass, Copper, and Stainless-Steel shells that are hand rolled and then welded in house. Once a shell has been constructed, we then roll double beads into each edge of the shell to help reinforce the durability of the future drum.

The Classic Series

Our Classic Series is designed to capture the traditional snare tones of the greats! Most Studio Engineers and Producers would expect you to have one of these in your arsenal. Whether it be Brass, Maple or Walnut each of these drums is crafted to have that age-old classic sound that is truly diverse

The Limited Series

Our Limited Series consists of rarities, these small batch drums are truly collector items and functional works of art. The OLD STEEL Snare is constructed of aged steel our from our metal yard. The natural aging and pitting over time help to control and darken the overall tone of these drums. Each drum is a true piece of Americana utilizing materials forged by timeless steel craftsmen

The L5 Series

The L5 Series was designed to bring the working drummer a pro level instrument at a fraction of the cost. This series is geared towards the touring, session, all around workhorse drummer that needs high quality that won’t break the bank.