Custom Drum Kits
by Love Custom Drums

Designed, engineered, and hand-made for sound perfection using the finest, most unique woods and hardware from around the world. Owner Buddy McRoy personally builds one custom drum or kit at a time.

3ply Mahogany kit with a hand oil finish

Materials used: Mahogany

Aluminum kit with LCD bar lugs in an LCD black diamond glitter finish.

Materials used: Aluminum, LCD bar lugs, LCD Black diamond glitter finish

stainless steel drums, stainless steel drum kit, stainless drum kit, steel drum kit

Stainless Steel Drumkit with Clear Powdercoat Finish

Materials used: Stainless Steel, clear powder coat finish

Copper Drumkit with Clear Satin Lacquer Finish

Materials used: Copper, LCD stainless bar lugs, Clear Satin Lacquer finish

maple drum kit, custom spark lacquer, sparkle maple drum kit, maple sparkle drum kit

Maple Drumkit with Custom Sparkle Lacquer

Materials used: Maple Wood, Custom Sparkle Lacquer

Owner: Matt Horn of “The Word Alive”

stainless steel drums, stainless steel drum kit, stainless drum kit, steel drum kit

Aluminum Drumkit with Anodized Gold Finish

Materials used: Aluminum, anodized gold finish

Maple Drumkit with Turquoise Glitter Finish

Materials used: Maple, turquoise glitter finish

Aluminum Drumkit with Mild Flake Finish

Materials used: aluminum, Mild flake finish

Aluminum Drumkit with Satin Black Finish & Mini Tube Lugs

Materials used: aluminum, satin black finish

Stainless Steel Drumkit with Clear Lacquer finish & LCD Bar Lugs

Materials used: stainless steel, clear lacquer, LCD Bar lugs

Bubinga and mappa burl over maple with a satin lacquer finish

Materials used: Bubinga, mappa, burl, maple, satin lacquer

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